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Protecting new PCs
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If you've just bought a new PC, made a new PC, or are reinstalling Windows onto an existing PC, your PC will not be fully patched with the latest Microsoft Security updates and won't have your favourite firewall installed.

After (re)installing Windows (or after buying your new PC), make sure that you install the latest security patches and a decent firewall before even thinking about connecting up to the 'net.

Using a different PC, download all the MS security updates (select "Adminstrator Options" from the Windows Update site) and save them onto CD. If you're using a paid for firewall (for example Norton Internet Security, which includes spam prevention and virus protection), then you will already have the installation files on CD. However, if you're using a free firewall (such as Zone Alarm), then also download this and burn it onto CD.

With this little bit of forward thinking, it's possible to fully protect your new PC before you connect to the 'net. The Blaster Worm can infect unpatched PCs within 5 minutes of those PCs being connected to the 'net, so if you don't follow my advice, then you'll be infected before you can download the patch.


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