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Well, here's the page where I just moan about anything.

Mobile phone ring tones - get a life.
People who shout into their mobiles on buses and trains - I don't want to know about your tedious little lives.
Pokey little kids.
Cyclists on pavements - can't you read the "End of Cycle Path" signs?
Car drivers who drive short distances because they're too lazy to walk for 5 minutes.
Mobile phones that go off in cinemas.
Bad grammar and punctuation.
People who smoke in No Smoking areas.
Smokers who stand upwind of me at a bus-stop
Smokers who drop their cigarettes on the ground instead of using the bin.
Old people queing queuing in the Post Office during my lunch hour when they've got all day to pick up their pensions.

I'm convinced that there's a link between nicotine intake and the inability to read "No Smoking" signs, judge wind direction, and see litter bins. Maybe I could write an article for The Lancet.


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