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Hello, and welcome to my website. Just in case some of you are getting confused, some of you will know me as Billy rather than Rob. I am in my mid 30s, and live in Berkshire. It started off back in 2002 as a story about a dive trip that I had been on (Portland 2002), and has been growing ever since.

I've tried to make the site easy to navigate, with a menu bar at the top of each page. It is divided into several sections. Each section has its own RSS feed, so you can keep up-to-date with whatever interests you. On the bottom of every page, you will find links to the homepage (this page), the site map, and the contact me page (unless you happen to be on any of these pages, of course).

Diving Trips

During the summer (and occasionaly during the winter), I spend a lot of time diving. Stories about what I get up to while diving make up about half of my website. Hopefully you will be amused.

Other Trips

When I'm not diving, I like to travel to different places. Bird and I normally make the effort to go abroad for a weekend each year. I always have fun whenever I go away, hopefully you will have fun reading what happened on my various trips.

My Moans

Soon after writing my first trip report, I realised that a website is the ideal place to complain about anything that bothers me. My first moans page was on the misuse of the apostrophe, but more are being added as time goes on.

Photo Albums

If you have got fed up with me whittering on, you can always just look at my photo albums, which include a couple of outings for TottyCam. There are quite a few underwater pictures, but the quality isn't always brilliant!

PC Advice pages

A more recent addition to my website is the PC advice pages. I quite often find myself being asked similar questions about PCs all the time. To try to save myself being asked so many times, I put together this section of basic PC advice.

Various other pages

From virtual barmaid actions, via a Swedish skipper, to an amusing jar of coffee, there are quite a few pages that don't quite fit into any of the categories above. I have imaginatively called them "other pages".

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